Laser Measuring

Laser technology may be used in the alignment of cars and offers a form of measurement that is high speed and non contact. Multiple points may be measured using laser technology, and so therefore 100% measuring may happen quickly. Lasers may be used to measure car bodies before they are painted or after. The measurements taken during repair are compared to the standard measurements for a particular vehicle, and so that the alignment process is accurate. Lasers are used during the manufacture or remanufacture of automobiles to measure the length of the car and the gaps in the structure so the auto is appropriately aligned in every regard.

Some forms of lasers use a prism and a beam and some use robot aided arms. Beam and prism lasers are sometimes used by auto body shops for the proper alignment of cars that have been damaged in collisions or are being re built by enthusiasts and robot controlled lasers are used more at manufacturer plants for the alignment of new made cars. Equal alignment of all points of a car allows for proper mechanical installation, wear of the frame, travel safety and for appropriate balance between the wheel axis in conjunction with the rest of the auto frame. There are specifications used for the building of automobiles for reasons of safety and performance, as without them cars would not operate or travel properly. Spacing between the body panels of an auto is important for the wear of the vehicle, to avoid wind and water problems, and for aesthetic value. The auto body technician has more than aesthetic responsibility when repairing or rebuilding an auto.