Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal began in the 1940's in Germany in the Mercedes Benz factory as the primary method of eliminating damage done during the Mercedes manufacturing process. The workers on the manufacturing line used specialized tool to remove dings without ruining the newly painted vehicle.

Paintless dent removal removes indentations in automotive surfaces without using the traditional means of hammering, sanding and re painting. Typically, in the case of dents on car doors, the window of the vehicle may be rolled down and a wedge and window guard applied, with the dent removal tool slid down into the door and the dent removed by a constant and forceful rubbing on the opposite side of the dented surface. In other areas of the automobile dent removal is possible as access to the opposite side of the surface is available. Other methods of more involved paintless dent removal involve the application of a heat welding gun to the damaged part of the auto or removal of the affected part and its immersion in hot water to reshape the damaged panel. This process is used on new model cars after an assessment of the type of material used to manufacture the car has been made.

Paintless dent removal costs vary, but typically may cost anywhere from 50.00 to 100.00 per dent.