There are automotive schools located all over the United States. These auto schools offer a student an education in many automotive related fields. Training in auto repair, auto body and collision repair and finishing, advanced diagnostics, alternative fuel studies, NASCAR auto mechanics, industrial technology, diesel technology, navigation for automobiles, and many other educational opportunities. Different schools have different curriculum and requirements, and some studies are more demanding, and have longer commitment times as far as length of education.

As well as post secondary education, opportunities are provided in the form of high school classes and in vocational high schools as well. Community colleges offer automotive technical classes and associate degrees in automotive technology. 4 year degrees in auto technology offer expanded education and specialization in more advanced fields. Certain automotive schools are located in multiple locations around the country but are all affiliated with one school's curriculum. These trade schools offer advanced and credible educations, hands on training and offer career placement advice and financial aid. Most country wide trade schools have been educating for many years and have experience in education and are recognized by would be employers.

There are certifications available from organizations such as ASE. ASE is an acronym for Automotive Service Excellence, a national institute that is recognized by persons in the automotive industry as standard bearers of guidelines and excellence. Persons with experience in auto body repair may take voluntary exams, and the exams combined with experience earn ASE Collision Repair and Refinish certification. To keep certification, an exam must be passed every 5 years.