Can you replace your auto glass all by yourself?

Car windshields often get damaged due to various reasons and in some cases the only solution left is to completely change them. This of course can be done in a specialized shop, but it can also be done all by yourself if you are a person with a little technical skill and patience.

There are not too many things you need in order to replace an auto glass, besides a new one, the required gasket, some special adhesive and optionally a person to help you. The whole operation might not seem very complicated, but certain steps have to be followed exactly in order to obtain a quality job.

The first operation consists in removing the old and damaged windscreen. Do it carefully in order to avoid cleaning up and make sure you also remove the old gasket. After this, start cleaning up thoroughly the surface on which the new auto glass is going to be placed.

It is time to put in the new auto glass. Make sure you seal the area first and then place the new gasket on the sealer. Put the new auto glass in its place and after you have made sure that it is in the right position, start fixing it in place. Place the adhesive and leave it like this for the specified time. Do not hurry because it takes time for the adhesive to fully dry, which usually takes at least a couple of hours.