What does auto repair shop software do?

Judging by its usefulness, a dedicated piece of software can probably be considered one of the most important employees an auto repair shop can have. Even if it cannot handle the technical stuff like practically repairing the cars or switching certain parts, it has a huge role in planning these operations and assuring an order that has to be respected.

The first thing this kind of software can handle is keeping an inventory of different stored parts, sorted by their codes and prices. Another very important role is in recording customer appointments, early planning helping both the customers and the auto repair shop. In addition, it can keep record of a car repair schedule, estimating the time left before the work is done and also calculating the costs after the technician offers his opinion. A key element in having a technically excellent car is doing the maintenance checks at the right time. Some persons can be very busy and forget about this, so the software can notify them when the time comes. Another very important task this kind of software can do is keep a customer history record, quite useful when it comes to discounts and keeping the old customers happy.

The ones mentioned above are important tasks that have to be taken in to consideration in an auto repair shop and a dedicated software is an ideal solution not for replacing an employee, but for helping him in performing his activities better.