Auto Repair Franchise

Franchised auto repair shops are auto shops owned by persons who are interested in owning their own business, but who use a name owned by a successful, well known company. The name of this company must be bought from the business along with some essential equipment, advertising and a small business territory. The person who has an interest in opening an automotive repair shop must have a certain amount of cash available up front to start the business. These repair shops are specialty auto repair shops, and some of the services they provide are tune ups, muffler replacement, transmission replacement, engine rebuilding or replacement, tire and rim repair, auto body painting, and lube (oil change) shops.

Repair shops that are franchised do not have to be owned by experienced automotive technicians. The rights to the name of the shop may be purchased for a certain amount of money and used by the owner of the shop, with a percentage of profit paid by the franchisee to the main, name holding company. There are successful franchises all over the United States and also all over the world.

To start an auto repair franchise, it may take anywhere from 5,000 to 75,000 to start up a business. There is also a franchise fee to be paid, and capitol to be purchased, such as tools, equipment and finding a building to house the business. The company name holder will train the buyer in management courses, and help with advertising, frequently having a pre set customer list due to telemarketing canvassing the company has done. The territory that is guaranteed by the parent company is anywhere from 2 to 30 miles in circumference, guaranteeing that no other franchise of the same name will be set up within a certain radius.