What is an auto repair shop?

Auto repair shops are businesses that maintain automobiles. The maintenance of an automobile may be of the preventative kind, with mechanics performing such tasks as oil changes, replacement of anti freeze, brake and transmission fluids. Tune-ups are regularly scheduled maintenance that include changing of fluids, filters and wires and examining the general health of an automobile. Auto repair shops also perform the duties involved in repairing automobiles. Automobiles are comprised of multiple parts, all of which are suseptible to wear and tear, and need eventual repair or replacing. These may include but are not limited to components of engines, transmissions and car exhausts, brakes, apparatus that joins major components of the automobile together, such as bearings, rods, joints and axels. Auto shops may employ one mechanic or many. Car repair shops may be privately owned, within a car dealership, owned by a large company or franchised.

Automotive shops also provide specialty repairs and restoration. Some auto repair services specialize in a particular area of auto mechanics and perform no other type of automotive work. There are auto garages that specialize in engine rebuilding, transmission rebuilding, muffler replacement, brake replacement, and other major components of auto functioning. Automotive garages and their mechanics also restore cars that are classified as antiques. This type of resotration includes mechanical and autobody rebuilding specific to antique, hot rod or creative, art based restoration or alteration.

Auto shops may have mechanics with credentials from technical schools or colleges. Educational classes may be given by dealerships selling automobiles, or from the automotive manufacturer themselves. Automotive technicians must be fluent in all aspects of automotive health, and therefore have extensive knowledge of the mechanics of cars, as well as their electronic and computer components. Technicians must be computer literate and able to diagnose and correct problems of a sophisticated nature.