Transmission Repair

The transmission of an automobile is the mechanism that takes the power generated from a car engine and relays it through a system of shifting gears to the wheels of a car providing movement. Technicians that specialize in transmission repair are trained in the maintenance, rebuilding or replacement of automatic and manual transmissions, and the mechanisms associated with transmission function.

Automatic transmissions have within them different gears, bands, clutches, hydraulics and fluid essential to their proper functioning. All parts of a transmission function together to propel a car. Technicians must be educated to familiarize themselves with all necessary components for knowledge on proper maintenance, service, and rebuilding if necessary. Yearly checking of a transmission includes checking the fluid, a vital part of the functioning of the transmission. Test driving the vehicle to check performance and also checking the underside of the vehicle to look at the transmission to see what kind of condition it is in.

Manual transmissions are connected to the engine of the automobile by the clutch. The clutch is a vital component of manual transmission cars, as with out a properly working clutch, a driver cannot change gears, or shift, making the car non drivable. A mechanic fixing manual transmissions, like the mechanic who fixes automatic transmissions, must have expertise in that area to correctly identify problems and correct them.

There are manuals that can offer advice and instructions to those wanting to engage in do it yourself transmission repair. These manuals are available for purchase at automotive stores and the cost is approximately 14.00 to 20.00 for the manual.

Automotive manufacturers suggest transmission fluid should be changed every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, but most transmission repair technicians suggest more frequent changes. Maintenance of transmissions varies in price, but replacing a transmission can be costly. Replacing a manual transmission may cost anywhere from $300.00 to $1, 500 depending on the make of the car. Automatic transmissions cost approximately $500.00 to $2000.00 depending on the make of the car.