How to choose an auto repair shop

Auto repair shops can be chosen various ways. Listings of auto repair shops can be found in the phone book, the world wide web, advertisements in newspapers or television, professionals in the auto industry who are not mechanics, and from persons who have had positive mechanic experiences. Personal references are helpful in finding an experienced professional who can service a car so that it runs efficiently. When an auto shop is recommended, it may be helpful to check with the Better Business Bureau to inquire about the suggested shop and whether or not complaints have been filed against that particular business.

When choosing an auto shop it may be beneficial to check the credentials of the shop and of its mechanics. Certification from nationally accredited organizations such as the ASE, or certificates earned from classes taken for particular types of automotive work or from particular auto manufacturers are indications that the mechanics on duty are well trained and knowledgeable in their craft.

Price listings for work are an essential piece of knowledge before choosing an auto shop for scheduled maintenance or for repair. Hourly wage paid to mechanics is an important factor in choosing an auto shop. Scheduled maintenance packages often have set pricing or can be priced in advance. Estimates of labor before repair jobs should be available due to availability of parts pricing and hourly wage, plus an estimate of time needed to complete the job. The quoted price should be what the customer pays, or at least within a reasonable range of the actual price paid. A good auto repair shop technician will listen to what the concerns of the customer are and troubleshoot the problem with as much accuracy as possible, with the customer being treated with courtesy and problems found upon diagnosis explained thoroughly.

Record keeping is also an important aspect of auto shop businesses, as accurate records detail what has been done previously to an automobile brought in for repair or maintenance, and also give information on any warrantees there may be on parts used for those purposes. Computerized record keeping in an auto shop is a plus, as it is an aid to organization and appropriate and accurate maintenance of the customer's vehicle.