European Auto Repair

European cars differ in class and style, but they all require maintenance and repair when parts wear out or malfunction. Whether it is a Lamborgini, Volkswagen, Mercedes or Jaguar, automobiles of any European class need trained auto technicians to complete efficient, cost effective work for the model they are working on.

Specific training is required for repairing certain makes of European car. Due to the increase in automotive technology, education is needed in particular makes and models to understand the layout of the engine and computer systems of an advanced high performance European car. Automotive designs are changed and enhanced with new technology almost every new model year, and continuing education is essential to keep a European auto technician up to date.

An example of the need for specialized and continuing education is the technicians who work on Porches. The auto mechanics have extensive experience in the layout of that particular make of car and the varied models of Porsche the manufacturer produces. A mechanic trained to work on another make of car would have a basic knowledge of car repair, but would not know the intimate details of the Porsche, the layout of the vehicle in terms of computer orientation and engine specifications, and what that particular auto needed to run at top performance.