Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Glass installers for automobiles replace cracked, broken or pitted glass for windshields and other car window glass. Windshields are made using two layers of glass with a chemical called laminate layered between them. This laminate adheres the two pieces of glass together, preventing it from shattering if damage or sudden impact occurs.

Windshield repair includes fixing glass that is pitted may be repaired if the damage is not in the driver's line of view. Auto glass repair technicians fill small holes and pits in the glass by polishing or removing the hole or pit by drilling and injecting the new area with transparent filler. Damaged windshields may be replaced by technicians in an auto glass repair shop or at the customer's home. The damaged glass and the surrounding weather strip are removed and new glass and moisture resistant weather stripping put in place. Due to advanced technology, most cars are drivable one hour after a windshield is installed.

Windshield replacement costs vary and can be in the range of 190.00 to 1,200 depending on the windshield. Average windshields would be on the lower end of the pricing continuum, with windshields replaced by franchises at the customer's home costing approximately 200.00. Specialized windshields with technical elements such as defogging devices would have a higher cost. For a customer to have pits drilled out and cracks fused, the price typically ranges 45.00 to 100.00.