Auto Repair Technician Training

As automotive technology develops, it has become extremely important for the automotive technician to have appropriate training.

The advances made in auto technology have advanced engine design, automobile structure, computer additions to the engine and other working parts, as well as car structure. New car models are made from many combinations of materials including aluminum and plastic. Repair of these autos requires technicians who have been educated in the field of auto repair to improve knowledge on how to repair and reshape or enhance newer auto body parts.

Auto technicians usually have basic math and reading skills. Computer knowledge or ability to learn basic computer skills is also necessary. The ability to learn new techniques of repair, and the ability to follow instructions, particularly those that are written, is also essential. Comprehension of written material in manuals and mechanical ability for comprehension of measurements for auto body repair is necessary for following instructions by diagram.

Automotive mechanics must continually educate themselves to keep up with the changing designs of cars. Manufacturers of automobiles hold seminars and training courses to educate mechanics I new design technology and repair. Technical manuals also provide information on repair and adjustment and maintenance techniques

There are multiple employment opportunities for auto technicians. Auto body, insurance estimate and collision work, specialty work such as specific model car repair or specific automotive parts repair such as engine rebuilding or transmission repair, and also specialty areas including advanced fuel technology.