On Line Coursework

Internet automotive coursework is available to those interested in acquiring auto technician or related fields of work from home. These classes are available from online institutions around the country and offer education in automotive technician positions, motorcycle repair, diesel mechanic, auto detailing, small engine repair and other auto fields as well.

Online diplomas are offered upon successful completion of curriculum, and most course work is completed within 1 year of enrollment, with some courses complete in 6 months. Internet education is convenient for persons who are unable to make a commitment to classroom attendance or who have no college of any sort located within commuting distance. Exams are open book and some types of coursework do offer hands on training. Courses are taken at the student's leisure without the pressure of a graduation date. Students graduate when they are ready and when they have completed all the required coursework. Online training institutes have interest free tuition available, and upon graduation a recognized and accredited diploma is issued. Some online institutes are affiliated with programs that qualify military personnel to full tuition reimbursement.

When investigating online class work and diplomas, it is best to look for the institute's credentials. Accreditation is the first consideration of a potential student, as certificates or diplomas from accredited institutions are recognized by employers and hold most value.