Re-Bulit Engine Repair

Some automotive technicians specialize in the re building of car and truck engines. This process takes education and considerable skill, and can save the customer the price of a new car purchase when done correctly. Engine rebuilding technicians disassemble non running or poor functioning car and truck engines and rebuild the engine from its start point, reconditioning or replacing many of the engine's vital components.

There are different types of car engines and many parts to be familiar with. The theory of engine rebuilding coupled with the knowledge of the engine components is essential in the proper repair of car engines. Pistons, rings, bushings and bearings, gears, plugs and rods all need to be re done or replaced when rebuilding a motor. Long block engines require similar yet different types of work than short block engines, and new technology provides advanced and complicated engines as well as equally advanced equipment for more accurate assessment of diagnosing an engine and means of correcting the problem.

Engines may be rebuilt for purposes of restoring functionality to an auto that is used every day. Engines may also be rebuilt by technicians for restoration purposes such as show or antique cars, and engines may be built or rebuilt for racing purposes. Each car has a purpose of functioning and a type of engine with a specific need and an engine rebuilding technician has the responsibility of properly assembling such engines to specific requirements for top performance.

Engine rebuilding service cost varies to a wide degree based on the purpose. Engines can be rebuilt for as little as 1, 500 or for as much as 10,000. Do it yourself engines re builders may be helped by manuals on engine restoration and technique available at book stores, online, and at automotive parts stores.