Specialty Auto Repair

Specialty auto repair encompasses multiple categories of auto work. The word specialty is defined as distinctive in quality or appearance or a special kind of excellence. Technicians who perform specialty automotive work have superior skills in one area of expertise and use those skills with notable ability for maintaining, repairing, rebuilding or personalizing automobiles for themselves or for customers.

Specialty auto enhancement found its beginnings many years ago when auto racing became popular. High performance parts and aesthetics were created by early race enthusiasts looking for ways to make their cars look appealing while altering the mechanics of the car to enable performance at faster speeds. It's from this beginning automotive specialty has taken off into areas such as off road, restoration, street racing and a number of other specialty work or enhancement designs.

Aside from enhancement and restoration, specialty automotive work also takes the form of auto shops specializing in one make of auto, or one country's auto. For example, some specialty auto shops will only repair and maintain Volkswagen vehicles. Other specialty shops will only repair or rebuild engines and others specialize in transmission or electrical repair. As many parts as there are to an automobile there may be a specialty auto repair shop to repair those parts.